Monday, July 22, 2013

Productive Day !

1.I have managed to settle my travel insurance.
2.Order a new set of lenses.Great !Long live Northen Optical for good services.
3.Bought a skirt + blouses.Nice color and cut,and I managed to convince the shop owner to change the design a bit,and she will alter it for me for FREE.Cool !!After she gave me much discount!
4.Washed my car you all ..Now it looks spanking new .After being soak with dirt etc for months..Sorry Blackie !
5.Roam about at the bazar Ramadan.I don't get to do this often you see.Even if i want to..So this is big deal.
6.Mopped the feet are now so lovely walking on my lovely floor...and smell good too..
 7.Sit down peacefully for iftar..selalunya dalam kereta kunyah tamar aja.

Alhamdullilah !

8.OPsssssssssss..last but not least,I managed to settle the "cert of good conduct " application with Kementerian Luar Negeri?Negara?(KLN) secara online,after menggodeh the borangs for good ~ 2 hours.

Mula-mula,aku percaya jer dengan kata-kata peserta negara lain,iaitu "pergi jer to the local police station,so long your name is NOT wanted,they can issue the letter that you are "innocent". "
Dah aku ke balai police berdekatan,dia suruh pergi speacial branch.Dah tuu pulak Speacial branch cakap bukan dia yang issue surat.Herghhhhhh!!!!!!! Rasa nak pitam ke hulu ke hilir takde hasil.
Rupanya, di Malaysia,procedurenya lain.Semuanya KLN control.(Ministry of foreign affair..mereka akan bekerja sama dgn PDRM selepas anda apply cert tu)..Masa zaman manual,katanya it takes 1-2 months!When I heard that,my heart sunk.Jatuh dah gugur jantung.

Ops cikk...sabarrrr...kata perempuan di hujung talian.
Sekarang tidak manual lagi.Since July ini ( omg!just its a sign right?) ,ianya boleh di apply di atas talian.Online...wahhhhhhhhhh..bila dengar tuh,aku rasa aku nak pelok pompuan di hujung talian itu,bila dia ckp amik masa 1-2 minggu aja. u ols !!

What is this for?OK,I am required to produce this "criminal background check"-not that I have committed any crime,but it is a requirement for the program that I am joining,to prove that I crime free???ngehhhhhhhhh... Now,aku sedikit amaze,sbb ,all the hotline for KLN is acctually working!!Even when I was  dealing with the borangs,and facing some unknown problem to upload my photo(which I almost karate do my pc),the counselor that has help me earlier with procedure etc.,gave me the IT helpline number , and I got connected to someone within few seconds and she was VERY HELPFUL.
I AM IMPRESSED !!!Really really impressed !!Serious aku jakun.
Ada jugak rupanya hotline di jabatan kerajaan yang berfungsi!!Dah lah masa tu aku dah naik hantu dgn borang di atas talian itu.Serious,Nak karate dah laptop aku time tu.Kalau borang tuh borang kertas,sure dah koyak 18 bahagian.hiks.Ala-ala Mona Fendi aku kerjakan agaknya.

This is what we call great customer service.

Now,I just have to pray  the application is successful,and I can collect the certificate before the program start.That means,I could collect it at Malaysia High Comm in Singapore(tidak perlu ke Putra Jaya!KLN,you are awesome!!).Or worst case scenerio,I may need to collect it in Rabat.If I don't have this cert,they will kick my butt, to leave.

So, semoga siap tepat pada masanya.

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