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Ahlan wasahlan...



Duluuuu duluuu duluuuuuuuu.... closest encounter dengan wanita berniqab ( nikab?) adalah duduk berhampiran dalam kapal terbang.Berniqab ni wanita yang mengenakan tutup di muka,nampak mata 2 bijik jer.masa tuh dok pikiaqq..bagaimana mereka makan yer?So,bila waktu food di serve dalam kapal tuh,mata dok jeling-jeling kepada wanita berkenaan ( semua sebab aku curious,camne gaya nya mereka makan ..ohh..rupanya,kain penutup tuh boleh di selak sedikit dari bahagian mulut ,so boleh suap lah food tu..)..

I had never thought of, that I will live with one!!!!!.A whole family yang berniqab!!!!

Helo..don't get me wrong.I have nothing againts niqab etc,like I said,I am just corious ,as I have no family members wearing that,and it is not part of our culture or common practice in my country,but I am glad I have first hand experience.Today.
.OK, when my friend fetch me at Abu Dhabi airport,it was already about mid-night.So,we arrive at my apartment ( living there is a Sudanese family ) that she had found for me.Everybody was asleep already ,wo I met with the mom,which everybody address her as Om Abdul Rahman ( Umi kepada Abdul Rahman) which later,I got to know that this son of hers is currently studying in Malaysia ,in Johor Bahru, at UTM Skudai !!
And many days after that,they got this son on the phone,they made me talk to him,and he talk in very fluent Malay language, just as perfect as Malay.Woah.But he live in Malaysia for about 9 years already,so patut lah kan?...

Ok,How Sudanese people look like?They are Arabs + African..
 Sudan, officially the Republic of the Sudan is a country in the Nile Valley of North Africa, bordered by Egypt to the north, the Red Sea, Eritrea and Ethiopia to the east ..hasil google-an Geography is bad,wlwpon I used to represent my high school in Geography quiz and we got Champion,kah kah !!!)
So they are African by nature,so they are brown ( some might say black ) ,and the woman that I met ,has nice face feature..ala-ala kalah Naomi Campbell kauuuu,kalau jadik model..

So,for a few days,I was always out with Fatima ( a friend of mine ,a Morrocan who are currently  working in Abu Dhabi since a couple years back..goshh..she is so so workholic and I was really impressed !!Fatima.. I knew her when I was in  Casablanca /Rabat for my volunteer job in Morocco ).

Errr....apa ke benda aku melilau ni eh..Aku nak tulis pasal perempuan berniqab,tapi tulisan aku melilau sana sini.Aku memang tak reti nak tulis karangan pendek.Kalau cikgu kata..tulias karangan 180 patah perkataan ,aku memang akan fail.Sebab,I will definetely mengarang segala mak nenek.Keluar semua karutan..haha!

So......after a few days in Sharjah ( a town  located 2 hours away by car from Abu Dhabi ) -where I fall sick and met a wonderful Algerian girl ( Malika ).She works in Dubai but living in Sharjah.many peopel do that as the rent in Sharjah are more affordable..Only Allah can pay her kindness to me..and after   a visit to Dubai - 30 mins by bus from Sharjah ( anyone here has visited Dubai Global village???? malu ekkk....helloooo....Malaysian and Singapore areeeee crap!!..Errr...our neighbour Thailand are so serious parade their culture,food,art-handycraft and what not..malaysian booth are just  selling pasar malam item and some dodgy electronic mesin penapis air "made in japan" wtf?I heard it before from many people ( who reside in UAE or just went there as tourist) ,but I didn't expect it was that bad ..but hmmm...maluuuu weh!Mana kementerian pelancongan Malaysia nih..tak amik tau kaaa?..isk isk isk...lepas pergi booth Egypt..Morocco..Lubnan, Syria etc,aku ajak kawan aku pergi booth Malaysia,konon kot lah ada Malaysian food ka apa ka nak tunjuk..errrrkkkkkkkkkk!!!!..%&^%&^**&*.

so we were back to Abu Dhabi ..

Ok, a little lesson here..UAE form by 7 " town " ..
Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain.
Eventough you will see Dubai is the "glamorous and own the tallest building in the world,but the capital is Abu Dhabi (Burj Khalifah are now still number one right?? yes??I "climb" this Burj Khalifah on January 2013 ,and it cost me 100 UAE Dirham,because I booked it online.If you walk in ,the price is 400 UAD Dirham.Insanely expensive,but its worth it, esp if you got the ~ 5.30 pm slot,because you could see the sunset thingy yada daya...I didn't get it because that slot are always full and full and full,eventhough I tried to book as early as possible..pftttt...always full lah...aku rasa travel agent atau Arabs kaya dah block slot tu untuk diorang.
So,eventhough Abu Dhabi a bit laidback,it is the richest among this 7 "town" because it has oil & gas..petroleum..and of course its a capital city of UAE.

Ok..ok...cerita pasal wanita bernikab.....gosh,I want to sleep,but my rambling are getting longer..

So,after I am back to Abu Dhabi ,and I am still sicky (dek berembun dalam cuaca dingin musim sejuk di sini )..I am just resting.The Sudanese family treat me well.They so concern with me because I look weak,they prepared me a breakfast.Dan bila aku melangkah keluar dari bilik dan nak keluar rumah,the mom will " where are you going, you will eat dinner with us!".. Dang !!
Aku baruuu nak keluar dinner di luar,pekena Shwarma ke..biryani rice ke apa..I missed rice ,because I always had bread here,and we always eat at labanese or other middle eastern restaurant, or I was sick and couldn't really eat a proper meal.Tak selera noks..demam !!makan jer muntah.

So,after I am getting much better and they asking me if I am want to go out for walk ( Om Abdul rahman has 3 daughter.Afra - just graduated from colleague ,and work as Pharmacist , Shaima - 3rd year student in Abu Dhabi University -taking Civil engineering ,and Sarah - high school.The eldest sibling is Abdul Rahman in UTM skudai -final year engineering,and the smallest one ...errr....Muhammad?in primary school.
They wanted me to guess how old their mother is..and I said..hmm..58 y.o and adding " I am sure you ar enot 60's yet,you look young.." for nice touch ,but..OMG,she is 44 y.o !!!! rude I was? Luckily tak kena tendang keluar dari rumah tuh..hahahhaha!!!!And the scary part was the mother had guess my age correctly.

So Shaima was asking me out to Corniche ( its walking distant from the house.we live just apposite on Noor hospital,right smack in city centre,near the building of Financial Centre department -kementerian kewangan gituh!)and its so so so convinient.If you have energy,you can even walk to Marina Mall ( buy cab,it cost  you about 15 Dirham ) along the corniche.
So,aku pon bersiap,waiting for Shaima,and she appear in front of my room in Abaya(jubah hitam) dan bernikab.A minute after that ,the mother pon muncul sama,bernikab jugak.I was like..."haaaaaaaa..nasib baik aku ber Abaya jugak,tapi tudung aku sedikit colourful gitu."Not that they mind of what I am wearing,but I am relief that I don't feel so much out of  places walking with them....


the story began..

Ok..I need sleep so so, bersambunggggg.........

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