Saturday, June 11, 2011


Finally,this weekend,i am at home,and do my favourite things,which means DO NOTHING.

But,since my little crib are now looks like it just got hit by a hurricane, I got to lift up some muscle and do something bout it...

laundry...clean the bed room, lipat kain baju that forever sitting on the laundry basket/some on my red sofa ( ArRRGgghhhhhhhhh....i don't like this task kerja lipat kain ni..can't they invent a machine to do this ?ANd the bad news is no such thing invented yet, anddd,i still have to do it myself.)..and....mop the floor,scrub the toilets....

**Out of many places that I ALWAYS keep it clean kitchen!!

yeah.i think i lost atleast 600 gram of my weight by end of those

And this afternoon, I will do either one of these...


2.jogging at the Istana garden
**I was there yesterday evening,and to my dissapoinment,a lot of part of the garden has been closed from the public,hamba rakyat biasa.I heard the new S*lt@n have decided that.
AWwwwww..rakyat semua hampir murka!

3.DO some cardio at the gym

Let see,which one is going to happen..HahahahHHAHH!

non of the above happen.hahaha!krohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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