Sunday, June 19, 2011

You wait !!! SToppppppppppppppppppp!

My friend Suzuki was staying at my house for a few days,after arriving from Tokyo.
While I went for works, she was doing her own little advanture, including , explore things in my fridge.Her international license was expired,so she couldn't drive.
I told her,i bought a few things,bread,cereal,juice ,eggs etc in case she wants to have breakfast before going out.

I called her from the office just to make sure she is fine.
I suggest her why don't you whip some scramble eggs etc?
She was telling me she found Kaya ( jem kaya) dalam fridge, and she likes kaya so she will just have it with bread.Simple.And she said she found garlic butter spread etc...

I was like.............

"Wait !!!..tungguuu..tungggguuu!!!" jerit aku,as i think half of my office could hear my voice.

"Why?" she asked me?

I said..." Suzuki!!!I am a really a single person!!" .

"so?" she asked me back with confusion..

"meaning...u you have to really check the expiry date of what ever you see in my fridge before you consume it !!..Check firstttt pls!!!It might has expired", i explain in desparation.

The truth is, I don't even remember ,when did I ever bought kaya jem????
And, I am a single person who eat outside alot,and I don't really replenish my fridge .
And if ever happen she eat anything and cause something...errrrr..... I don't want to be a killer...ok?

She aggree with that and giggle .."aiyooo...tak payah lah kau bimbang..aku ok jer...infact,aku sukaaaa kaya jem kau tuh,tapi,apsal masam ek???"

"Tuh lah minahhhh!!!benda tuhd ah expired..jgn makan!", tapi aku mmg tak ingat aku ada jem kaya dalam fridge aku??????

So the whole day I felt restless,my friend might got killed eating thing from my petisejuk.
But she keep giggling and said she is ko lah labuuuuuu..

So,the first thing Idid when I reached home was, asked her.."ehhh..ko ok??ko makan kaya jem expired ehhh????"

Dia berjalan ke peti sejuk and took it out and show me..

"Ni haaaaa....sedap tapi maasammm lah kaya jem engkau"...

I almost fainted!!!

The misterious kaya jem was acctually ..
"Asam Jawa EXTRA Adabi".



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Me, Mi , Moi said...

haahhahaha, mmg best ... x bleh blah

-bapak azmi di stasiun bandung-